Group sessions

Group sessions are great if you would like to share your experience with other ladies and follow a specific programme. The content will not be able to be tailored to your specific situation since the ‘problems/ailments’ might not apply to everyone in the group. However, I will always be happy to answer your questions after the session and suggest ways you can adapt the techniques to yourself for your home practice.

Group sessions are often organised around a couple of topics:

  • Pre-pregnancy focus: preparing your body and mind for pregnancy

Format: Between 3 to 5 group sessions.

Minimum number of people: 2. Maximum number of people: 6.

  • Pregnancy and birth focus: physically and mentally prepare yourself for birth and learn techniques to reduce stress, tension and worries during your pregnancy
Format: 5 group sessions.

Minimum number of people: 3. Maximum number of people: 6.


What happens during a group session?

Prior to starting the class, we will have a chat over the phone, via Skype or email so I can get to know you and understand your needs and expectations.

In the first session, I will introduce you to Sophrology and the programme I have in store for you depending on the course you’ve registered for:  “prepare your body and mind for pregnancy” or “Prepare for birth and motherhood with Sophrology”.

Throughout the sessions, we will practice Sophrology exercises which include breathing, concentration, body movements and visualisations. I will guide you all along with my voice and we will mostly do the exercises eyes closed and adopting different body postures.

After the practice, there will be a time for self-reflection on the experience you have just had and an opportunity to share it with the other ladies in the group if you want to.

We will discuss the exercises to practice in between the sessions before you leave, how you can integrate the tools in your everyday life and how they are going to help you during labour.

Please note that regular practice is KEY in Sophrology to experience the full benefits of the method so I will really insist that you take time out everyday to do some Sophrology.

I am here to support you so you can ring me in-between the sessions if you have any questions or simply would like to chat through a specific exercise.


How much does a session cost?

Group sessions are cheaper than one-to-ones because the content isn’t tailored to your specific needs.

A group session lasts between 1h and 1h15 and costs £20.

The “Prepare for birth and motherhood with Sophrology” programme in group sessions is spread over 5 sessions, making the whole course at £100 (payable in advance – I will refund a percentage if you give birth before the end of the course) .


What are the upcoming dates for group sessions?

  • Pre-pregnancy: preparing your body and mind for pregnancy

I need a minimum of 2 ladies to run these sessions. I do not have set dates for these sessions as I schedule the course in once I have enough requests to make it work. Once I have got enough people, we can work on dates that suit the whole group.

If you are interested in this course, please let me know either by phone 07929 056 135 or email

  • Pregnancy and birth focus: Prepare for birth and motherhood with Sophrology

Format: 5 group sessions. Weekly or fortnightly

Minimum number of people: 3. Maximum number of people: 6.

When dates for this course are scheduled, you will be able to see them advertised here. If you know a bunch of pregnant ladies who are keen to go through this course together, I am happy to schedule the course in specifically for you at times and dates that are convenient for you. I just need a minimum of 3 people.

You can ring me on 07929 056 135 or drop me an email to ask me for more information and schedule your own course in.


Where do the sessions take place?

We can schedule our group sessions at the centre I work from, Evolve Wellness, located 2 minutes walk away from South Kensington station. The centre is a lovely, calm and welcoming space which holds regular yoga classes workshops and therapies. I am sure you will love it the minute you step into the space.

The address is: Evolve Wellness 10 Kendrick Mews South Kensington SW7 3HG

Alternatively, if you know a place where you would like to host the sessions, please let me know as we could make it work depending on location.