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Who is behind Une Poignée d’Amour?

I am Marion (mostly referred to as Maz or Frenchy), a food lover, sleep addict, mum to Eli and partner in crime to my wonderful husband, Matthew.

I am French (hence the nickname). I have lived in England for so long, I sometimes forget it. I think I am slowly turning British… I believe we can sort major life crises with a good cuppa and I think fish finger sandwiches are pretty tasty. I am yet to be converted to roast dinners and marmite.

I still have some French in me though and my accent remains fairly strong. I miss daily fresh baguettes and Saturday markets in the South of France.

Oh btw, I don’t like frog legs or snails and I don’t wear a beret, stripy shirt and garlic necklace on a daily basis, only on special occasions!

What makes me tick?

I love: brunches and afternoon teas, the feeling of putting my trackies and big fat slippers on after a long day’s work, getting lost on purpose, losing track of time making a jigsaw puzzle or playing scrabble, a good Pisco Sour cocktail, the comfort and deep sense of gratitude I experience when simply hanging out with my close friends and family.

Gosh… it sounds like I am ready for retirement, doesn’t it?!

Getting a bit serious now… I grew up in Marseilles and settled in the UK in 2006 after extensive travelling and living in Australia, Peru and Nepal. I originally worked in Marketing but a few years ago, I went through a phase of self-doubt and unhappiness which made me reconsider my career choices. I embarked on a coaching journey and explored many self-development practices which put me back on my feet and reconnected me with my values and what is important for me in life.

I realised that what I wanted to do was give back to people, help them feel well and alive again. So since then, I equipped myself with techniques that would help me just do that. I trained extensively in various disciplines and therapies including sophrology, massage reflexology, transactional analysis, non-violent communication and neuro-linguistic programming and set up my own practice Vie-tality.

Along the years, I have worked with a variety of people seeing clients both in the UK and in France. As my family has expanded with the arrival of our first little babou in May 2015, my priorities have changed and I felt the need to redesign my lifestyle .

My family is very important to me and I want to be able to see my children grow up and thoroughly enjoy motherhood whilst keeping up with a professional activity that I love. My encounter with Sophrology changed my personal life. I am deeply passionate about my work as a practitioner so I am definitely not prepared to give this activity up especially as I am experiencing its benefits now more than ever. I practised Sophrology throughout my whole pregnancy and using its tools daily now as a mother to keep me centred and calm. I feel the urge to share the love with other expectant mums and mothers. Hence the birth of this blog, a platform to share my journey, carry on my work as a sophrologist focusing on birth preparation and motherhood whilst having time to look after my family.

What’s my blog about?

I might have done extensive training in my field of work but I am no wonder woman. I do not claim to have the answers to everything. Just like you, I am a human being with my own doubts, ups and downs, my wins and failures… my own life story and experience.

Along the way, I have found techniques to help me stay calm and positive and what I am doing through this blog is share my own pregnancy and motherhood journey with you with authenticity and love. And maybe, amongst all of it, you will find inspiration and tips that will help you on your own journey.

My articles relate my experience, always featuring a hint of mindfulness and sophrology as these techniques are part of my way of living and help me make sense of things. There are also articles on random life moments, self-reflection, yummy recipes and reviews on pregnancy and motherhood related products.

My wish is to build a community of mums and expectant mums so I also organise Bump and Mother & Baby gatherings in Central London which you will find listed on my website.

As I specialise in stress management and birth preparation, you will also find more info about Sophrology (I bet you wonder what that is now! Click on the pic to find the answer to this question!) and the one-to-one sessions and group sessions I offer for expectant mums.

What is a Sophrologist?What’s that funny blog title, Une Poignée d’Amour?

It literally translates as A Handful of Love. There is a play on words there… watch out. “Poignées d’amour” in French are ‘love handles’ which we all know are this little bit of squishy skin hanging on the side of our trousers. You might be lucky enough not to have them – I have personally grown a lovely pair since I have been pregnant! A handful of love is also what I am aiming to do with this blog, sprinkling some love, happiness and zen on our lives as mothers and women.

And, the title is written in French because I am French! Simples!

Who is the talented lady behind the beautiful illustrations?

Well.. definitely not me! I love grown-up colouring books and join the dots but that’s pretty much all I can do with a pencil!

No, these beautiful drawings are handmade with love and care by one of my life long best friends, Mélissa (otherwise known as my little ‘goulue’ – literally translating as gluttonous) whom I have shared many adventures.

Mélissa lives in beautiful Paris where she enjoys hunting down old editions of Stephen King books and bake carrot cakes on Sundays in her 7m2 kitchen. She loves asian style food and ‘tarte-tatins’, trying out all tea shops in the city and set foot in a warm country for a two-week holiday with her other half whilst everybody’s freezing back home in the winter.

Here she is:

Melissa - Illustrator

How can you contact me?

Do you fancy correcting my english (no offense taken – really, I mean it)? Ask me how things are going? Get to know each other or collaborate on a project? Just wanting to say Hi?

Please drop me an email! Here’s the address:

I am very thankful for the lovely readers and wonderful friends that make up the ‘Poignée d’Amour’ community. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me.

Sending big waves of love your way. Xx


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  1. Your blog is such a good idea and nice project- all the best Marion! And Melissa, your illustrations are impressive, I love them 🙂

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