Two baby products I really love

Squiz’s re-usable food pouches

When Baby came along, we started using disposable nappies and after a couple of weeks of using them, I felt so sick with the pile of nappies we were throwing away that I actively started to look into re-usable nappies. We have used them every since and couldn’t be happier with our decision. Yes it is a bit more hassle but once you’re in a routine, it’s easy peasy.

We are not the best eco friendly family on earth but we try to do our bit. I hate wasting. We are active recyclers in this household and we try to take any little action we can to reduce our footprint.

When I visited the Babyshow last October in London, I walked past the Squiz stand and the bright colours caught my eyes and I was drawn to investigate their products. Re-usable food pouches. I’d never heard of these before. I don’t know why because it makes complete sense. You know these pouches of already made baby food you get in supermarkets? Well, they get on my nerve because you can’t recycle them and it pains me to just throw them in the bin. These Squiz pouches are brilliant. Just pour your own homemade baby purée into them and zip them up. Off you go. Feed your baby on the go and give them a good rinse and clean when you get home and they’re ready to be used again.

What’s to love?

  • They are easy to wash.
  • They are very cute, lots of design to choose from.
  • They last for ages. About 50 uses
  • Very practical and convenient to use
  • Saves you money and reduce waste
  • Babou loves them, super easy to handle. The rubbery top that you add onto the tip of the pouch is brilliant. It’s really soft and makes it a lot easier for baby to eat his food. Before we used Squiz pouches, we used disposable ones occasionally and Babou would hurt his gum on the plastic tip.  Not a problem anymore!

What’s not to love?


Over this way to order your set of Squiz pouches.

Clothies’ burp cloths

A good old muslin will do to wind a baby and wipe out the inevitable milk dribble. But why use a muslin when you can use pretty super absorbent burp cloths?

The lovely Sarah at Clothies sent me a set of her burp cloths to try with Babou. They arrived very quickly in the post. The design was perfect for my little munchkin, a green spotty one, a blue one and a dinosaurs one! I was really impressed with the quality of the materials before trying them out. A long rectangular piece of material with one side of super super soft micro fleece. I briefly consider using them as a scarf instead, that’s how soft they are! The packaging was really nice too and it’d make the perfect gift for any new mum.

At first I was a bit sceptical about them. I couldn’t see how they’d be better than a muslin… Then I tried them and I realised I would have needed them from day one of Babou’s life!

Why is that?

  • they are super absorbent, much more than a muslin cloth
  • they are super light and fold away nicely in the changing bag
  • they are super gentle on baby’s skin due to their extra softness
  • their design is lovely making them hanging over your shoulder much more stylish and cooler than an old discoloured muslin!

I don’t  really need them now for winding Babou as he’s 8 months old but I still use them for the odd bit of sick I find on the carpet every now and then when Babou has been doing some serious crawling. I also use them to protect my baby carrier as he tends to dribble all over the fabric! They’re great for various purposes.

Bonus, I washed them several times and they’re still in great shape so will definitely be using them again for baby number 2!

5 stars!

Check out all the designs on Sarah’s website here.

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