One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions are great if you are coming for a particular reason or if you would like us to tailor exercises to your specific needs and situation.

Remember that you can use Sophrology for various reasons including:
  • preparing your body and mind for pregnancy
  • reducing stress and tension throughout your pregnancy and sleep better
  • bonding with baby before birth
  • preparing your body and mind for birth, activating positive thoughts and reducing fear
  • speeding up your recovery after birth and regaining energy post partum


What happens during a one-to-one?

During our first session together, we will get to know each other. You will be able to share your story, your worries and what you would like to work on in an open, safe and supportive space.

I will then introduce you to Sophrology and how we are going to work with it to help you on your journey. Together, we will practice Sophrology exercises which include breathing, concentration, body movements and visualisations. I will guide you all along with my voice and we will mostly do the exercises eyes closed and adopting different body postures.

It is very important to me that you feel at ease with the exercises so my intention is to really help you integrate and embody the techniques so you can re-use them very easily in your everyday life.

We will decide on exercises to practice in between the sessions. Please note that regular practice is KEY in Sophrology to experience the full benefits of the method so I will really insist that you take time out everyday to do some Sophrology.

I will record all the exercises and will email them to you after the sessions so you can listen to them in your own time again.

I am here to support you so you can ring me in between the sessions if you have any questions or simply would like to chat through a specific exercise.


How much does a session cost?

One session lasts an hour and costs £75 (including recordings of the exercises and email/phone support in between the sessions).

If you would like to prepare for birth with Sophrology, please count a minimum of 5 sessions to cover the full programme. I offer a package for 5 face-to-face sessions at £325 (including recordings of the exercises).

I strongly recommend face-to-face sessions but if you are not located nearby or live in another country, there is no reason why you should not be able to benefit from the beautiful practice of Sophrology. Therefore, for you ladies, I also offer Skype sessions which cost £40/hour.

If you are running out of time before your due date and cannot go through the whole 5 sessions to prepare for birth, please ring me or email me because there are still lots of techniques we can cover in one or two sessions which will help you greatly during labour.


How can I book my session?

You can ring me on 07929 056 135 or drop me an email to book your appointment with me or ask me for more information.


Where do the sessions take place?

We can schedule our sessions at the centre I work from, Evolve Wellness, located 2 minutes walk away from South Kensington station. The centre is a lovely, calm and welcoming space which holds regular yoga classes workshops and therapies. I am sure you will love it the minute you step into the space.

The address is: Evolve Wellness 10 Kendrick Mews South Kensington SW7 3HG

If you are unable to come to the centre, please get in touch as we may be able to arrange home visits depending on your location. I also offer Skype sessions which are great if you do not live nearby or you are based in another country.