I am alive – my experience of sophrology during pregnancy

I have just attended two days of advanced sophrology training in France during which we have had the opportunity to experience between 3 to 4 sessions per day. I am writing this post straight after one of them, fresh from the oven!

This session was particularly moving and powerful for me. Sophrology doesn’t limit itself to being able to feel calm, relaxed and positive throughout pregnancy and labour. It is so much more than that. (More on what Sophrology is here)

This morning’s session focused on a part of the body, the abdomen, pelvic area and lower back. Being pregnant, this is a region of the body that is particularly stimulated at the moment! I knew the minute our sophrologist explained the content of the session that I’d probably experience a variety of feelings and sensations. I wondered whether our little babou would react during the exercises and would start wriggling around.

All techniques stimulate our vitality and enhance feelings of aliveness throughout the body. We slow down, stop rushing around on ‘auto-pilot’ mode and tune into the life flowing within ourselves.

I followed my sophrologist’s voice, focused my attention on my abdomen and lower back. I practiced slow and rapid abdominal breathing to increase my awareness of this part of the body. I visualised the whole structure, the skin, the muscles, the blood flow. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the beauty of the human body, its amazing ability to adapt to grow a precious human being. My insides working in harmony to create this new life without me having to do anything about it. I felt a deep sense of gratitude towards this body, able to give life, yet often taken for granted. I sometimes whinge about getting bigger and all the little ailments that come with pregnancy and impact my body but I promise myself not to ever treat my body this way again. I am deeply grateful that it is working 24/7 to bring this perfect little boy into the world and I am embracing this changes with love and gratitude. What a beautiful process it all is.

Sophrology for birth

Little Peanut was moving around pretty actively throughout this realisation, almost as if he was showing me, in his own way, that life is definitely flowing within me and how much of a miracle he is.

We ended with a visualisation of a future moment. I saw myself during labour, in a birthing pool with my husband and midwife supporting me. I felt peaceful, following my body’s wisdom and welcoming our little babou into our life with this deeply felt sense of happiness; a mantra resonating in me “all is well”.

Confidence in the future flowed through me as if reaching every single cell in my body. Confidence in myself, my body and my little boy to work all together to approach this life event peacefully and positively. I remember thinking to myself “the birth might happen differently but I will be able to adapt and contact these feelings again no matter what”.

Practising Sophrology throughout my pregnancy is allowing me to develop a positive mind and my ability to adapt to situations. It brings me peace, balance, calm and hope.

My daily practice goes way beyond “the thing to do” to prepare for my boy’s birth, I feel a gentle inner transformation changing my outlook on life and helping me find my place in the world as a mother, wife and woman.

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