My favourite things about being pregnant

things I love about being pregnantFrom what I can gather by reading other mummy blogs, the second trimester is the best. I am reaching the end of it.

During the first three months, you feel rough and knackered, no one can see your bump so you don’t really feel like you’re pregnant.

Second trimester, your bump shows and you can feel baby move so you now feel valid and deserving of your ‘baby on board’ tube badge. You have got your energy back and you can’t still function pretty much normally.

Third trimester feels like it’s never-ending. It is fairly disabling with not being able to do as much and pretty unsexy with this constant penguin ‘waddly’ walking style you’re having to adopt.

I have still got 13 weeks to go but here is what I am currently loving about being pregnant. I’ll review this list when I am about to pop out and see how much of it I still love!

My growing bump

I must check out my bump in the mirror about 12 times a day… and when I am not looking at it, I am rubbing it. I love it. Especially that stretch marks are yet to make their appearance. It might sound weird but I love my pregnant body. I like to see the bump evolution. This little monkey is growing inside me and making me look bigger as each day goes past. I like watching my tummy move and I find it hilarious when it’s completely lopsided… I imagine baby boy having a proper spring clean and re-arranging his home in there. I love feeling baby respond to my touch with kicks and wriggles.

Pregnancy bump at 27 weeks

How cute and caring my husband is

My husband is amazing. With me but with his son too. He is mega busy with work but always finds the time to take me on weekly dates and cook me yummy healthy meals. I love how much he loves little Peanut already. He is so cute when he talks to him through my tummy or play him songs on his guitar. These two guys are going to be best buddies. I feel lucky and grateful.

Learning to be kind and gentle with myself

I have always been quite mindful of listening to my body’s needs and resting but since I have been pregnant, I am even more conscious of that. It is not all about me anymore, I have this little life to look out for. I love taking time out to do things to nurture my wellbeing and babou’s wellbeing: baths, sophrology sessions, regular naps… I feel like I can allow myself to slow down more and ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ all the time.

Meeting with other mums-to-be

I am new to London and after spending years down in Devon and having made a strong network of friends, I feel pretty lonely here in the big smoke. Weirdly, there isn’t much going on around for expectant mums in London so I decided to run my own meet-ups. I have been meeting with other mummies-to-be for coffee and cake once a month and it has made a huge difference. It’s lovely sharing our experiences, joys and doubts.

Expectant mums meeting in London

My ‘baby on board’ tube badge

During the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I felt rough, tired and nauseous and because my bump wasn’t obvious, I didn’t really feel like I ‘deserved’ my badge and was worried people would think I was making it up. I know… it’s weird and stupid! I finally gave in and since then, people have been fighting over each other to leave me their seat or help me out… so often that I actually have to hide the badge every now and then! I love how kind and mindful people are around me.

Baby on board badge

The novelty of pregnancy

I have never been pregnant before so everything is new to me. Every day, I notice new sensations in my body and changes within myself. I feel like I am on a journey of personal development, I am growing as a person and learning new things about myself on a daily basis. My sophrology practice greatly contributes to this, keeping me curious and non-judgmental about my experience. It is enabling me to embrace this new stage of my life calmly and positively.

Tracky bottoms

They are SO comfy! Ok, not the sexiest I know but they feel so good! That ‘ahhhh’ feeling when you put them on after you get home from work and you have been feeling tight in your clothes all day. A sense of regained freedom. A bit like when you take your bra off!

My boobs

No comment.

Built-in table

I can now start using my bump as a dinner table. Handy.

The moment I remember I am pregnant

Sometimes, I go about my day and if I am super busy, I forget I am pregnant. Then, little Peanut moves or kicks. The feeling of joy and excitement that rushes through me at this stage is amazing. I am growing a human being!

Sleeping in a fortress of pillows

This is definitely not a feeling shared by my dear husband. I have two normal pillows to rest my head on, another one between my legs, a V Shaped pillow for the bump and an emergency bolster pillow – just in case. SO comfy!

Pregnancy pillows

What about you? What are your favourite things about being pregnant?

If you’ve had your baby, what did you love about your pregnancy?

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13 thoughts on “My favourite things about being pregnant

  1. Marion I loved this! You are such a good writer – it sounds just like I’d imagine you telling me about it. Made me cry cos I miss you though 🙁

    Brought back fun (distant) memories of pregnancy that I had forgotten all about.

    Keep writing – more please! xxx

    1. Oh that’s such a lovely comment! Miss you too! I wish I could teleport for a proper catch up and chilling together. Thank you for your lovely words, I love that it is triggering fun memories from your pregnancy. I’m really enjoying writing so will keep the articles coming 🙂 big hug xxx

  2. You look lovely and I agree with everything you said. Being pregnant was the most amazing experience of my life (and now I’m on a whole new journey now my little man is here). Cherish every second because I miss my bump every single day (even though I get to spend time with my little guy for real now). Looking forward to the next pregnancy!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Pregnancy is so special, I am trying to savour it as much as I can. Once baby is here, it is a whole other journey, very beautiful too but different. I have a feeling I will really miss the bump too! Your little one is so cute! It is nice to read he is now back on his feet after being poorly last week. I am sure he’ll love having a little sister or little brother 🙂 xx

  3. I did not have an enjoyable pregnancy. But I hear of women that just LOVE being pregnant and I get jealous! I had health problems with my son but maybe one day if we decide on another one it will be this much fun!
    ~Jennifer @
    Visiting from #twinklytuesday 🙂

    1. Oh I am sorry to hear you have not had the best experience of pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and I really hope it’ll be much easier for you with baby #2.

      There are aspects of my pregnancy that aren’t great but I am choosing to focus on the positive and heighten it as it really does help with managing the rest.

      Take care and thank you for popping by 🙂 xx

  4. I loved pregnancy as much as you do. I know some people don’t have it easy but my pregnancy was amazing! I too checked my bump out all the time and slept with some wonderful pillows – I really missed them after he was born but the other half liked having some of his bed back hehe! I hope you continue to enjoy your pregnancy – it does get harder (especially commuting on the tube) but it is still a wonderful experience and I miss my huge bump! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday

  5. Que tu es jolie sur cette première photo!! Je rentre à peine du Costa Rica, j’ai plein de chose à lire ici!!! Tu sembles avoir fais du bon boulot 😉 On va reprendre les commandes aussi!! Et un Skype bien sur cette semaine (que tu vois à quel point je suis bronzée, et que je vois à quel point il a grandi)

    1. Yes elle est de retour!!! 🙂 Oui j’ai bien travaillé pendant ton absence! J’ai remis WhatsApp, vas voir tes messages, on se prévoit un Skype. Hâte de voir ton bronzage et oui… baby grandit rapidement maintenant!

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